22.11.2013 by Humberto Cervera

Awesomeness is coming

Hey guys!


I am happy and super excited to announce Agent Awesome, Chaos Industries first game.


So, what is this flabbergasting, mind blowing and awesome game about?


In Agent Awesome you get to play as Agent A., a hit man that works for E.V.I.L. (Engineering Vicious Ideas Labs) on day while you are out having drinks with your friends a series of drunken bets escalate to the point where one Agent challenges Agent A. to this:

“Well, I bet that if you are as awesome as you think you are you could be able to go into the E.V.I.L. HQ and kill everyone else by yourself”


To what Agent A. answers “Challenge Accepted”


And so, on this fateful night Agent A. decides that to prove his drunken Awesomeness he must kill his employers at E.V.I.L.


So, you are probably thinking “This is a game right? How do I play it?”


Hold your horses stud, we are getting into that.


The objective of Agent Awesome is to kill all the managers on the E.V.I.L. HQ.


Agent Awesome is played from a bird’s eye view perspective in which you get to see the whole layout of the level and plan the strategy you want to use to get to the managers before they escape, from here you get to plan your route and the combat in which you will be engaging throughout the level, when you think everything is ready to go you hit the “Play button” and see the action unfold in front of you.


You can get to the tactical screen as many times as you want throughout the level.


The game has been in development since September 2013, we have a big team working on it and it should be complete by March 2014.


We´ll keep you posted through the blog, and of course if you have any question, any question at all (Are you interested in what we had for lunch today, ask!) post it in the comments and we will answer it.


I will use this blog both for personal ramblings and for news about the development about the game; I hope you guys get to enjoy Agent Awesome as much as I´m enjoying creating it for you.


Humberto Cervera

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