27.11.2013 by Humberto Cervera

Trailer Trouble


Hey guys !


So I´ve been getting a lot of comments about that sneaky "View Trailer" button on the home page and the fact that it does not indeed show any trailer.


The reason for this is that in my original plan the site was supposed to be released at the same time that the announcement trailer, as most of you have pointed out, that didn´t happen.


I hired some animation students to do the job, I won´t spoil anything about the trailer but I can say with certainty that it is a very simple trailer, something that can easily be made by students (Or so I thought).


There where some communication mistakes from my part and some other mistakes by the animator but the thing is that at the end what got delivered was completly useless, it was a very different product from what I had needed and so I had to start again from scratch.


After talking with Gonzalo "Phill" Sanchez and Randy Angle I realized some of the mistakes that where made from my part to try and avoid them on this second try.


The main mistake was not involving myself in the process, the thing is that I just briefed the animator on what I needed and thought that just by doing that in a month from that day a trailer would appear by magic, oh silly me.


Now I have another guy working on the trailer for the game, it should be ready before December ends and I am involving myself on all the creative process.


Hopefully the end product this time will be something that can actually be published and something that you will all get to enjoy, I have received some amazing feedback from everyone who has read the script and we have some amazing voice acting for Agent A. being provided by Will Bucknum (www.voicetogame.com)


So, as I have already said, I intended to launch the site with the trailer so I asked for the home page to have that button, my web designer delivered and now we have no trailer to attach to that button.


Since the trailer will be ready soon, I see no reason to get rid of the button.


Hopefully you´ll get a few laughs when the trailer is ready, I´ll let you guys know when it becomes available.

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