23.01.2014 by Humberto Cervera

The Road to GDC

So exciting! In case you didn´t know Chaos Industries will have a tabletop booth at GDC Play (Booth 407, come say hi!) and we are incredibly nervous about this.


I have to say, excited as we are, something that really bummed me down was that buying a booth at GDC does not give you conference privileges, you have to pay $900 more bucks  to get into the conference when you have already paid $3,000 bucks to be there, come on guys ! We are Indies, show us some love.


That said, I´m just really happy that we will be there. We´ll be taking the Beta of Agent Awesome for you guys to test it out and we are going to be handing out some Agent Awesome related goodies.


Of course, we´ll have a T-Shirt with a badass design by our go to graphic designer, Alvaro. But other than the T-Shirt, what else should we give out?


Is that a Kombat-Motherfucking-Koala ?


We had the brilliant idea of handing out Alcohol Themed goodie bags, you know Agent A. is drunk throughout the game so we might as well hand out some drunk related items to our fans.


So in the Agent Awesome goodie bag you´ll be able to find:

  • Tshirt
  • 100 ml Bottle of Tequila (We are still working with the guys at Moscone to make this happen)
  • Tequila Glass
  • Beer Glass
  • Flask

So when the time comes for you to play Agent Awesome you´ll probably be as hammered as Agent A.


But well guys the point of this post is to throw out this question out in the open, we are nervous, do you guys have any advice for a GDC first timer?


Humberto Cervera

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