29.01.2014 by Humberto Cervera

News on the Trailer

Hey guys, so let´s talk a little bit about the trailer. It has been HELL getting this done.


My first note would be that if you are hiring an external company to develop your game, do hire them to develop your trailers and marketing materials too. On Chaos Industries contract with Press Start it only said that they would develop the game and the cinematics, this was a rookie mistake from my part.


So as you might remember I told you guys that I was having a little bit of trouble getting the announcement trailer ready. I wanted to launch it with the site but sadly we could not do that, the first trailer that was delivered to us was completely unusable and so I hired another guy to do a new trailer, which he did deliver and this was releasable.


Yes, it was not the best trailer in the world but hey, the trailer would made or break by the voice acting and the sound design and we have some pretty solid voice acting provided by our friends at Voice To Game, so I said “Yes, I can finally release into the wild” (Believe me guys, I´m really anxious to show some of Agent Awesome to all of you).


But then I started getting some really negative feedback on this new trailer and I was like “Well, fuck. If I´m planning on really releasing the game on May I need to get the hype machine going so I´ll release the trailer on whatever state it is by February5”


So then I had two choices, release the sort of shitty one I had or try to find someone awesome enough to create a new trailer in just 15 days, this being Agent Awesome of course, something awesome happened.


Gonzalo Sanchez introduced me to Van, an animation teacher at one of the best schools here in Mexico and after seeing his portfolio I was convinced this guy could save the trailer.


Of course, I also hired him to produce the next two trailers and the in game cinematic, so that everything has the same coherent style.


So it´s finally going to happen guys, on February 5 the Announcment Trailer for Agent Awesome will be released into the wild. (And that goddamned "view trailer" button on the home screen will actually work)


And you shall love it, you shall bathe in its awesomeness and you shall share it with all your friends so that they buy the game on release day.


Agent Awesome announcement trailer, coming to you guys on February 5.


It´s going to be Legenwaitforitdary.

Humberto Cervera

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