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Behind Agent Awesome level design

Today I wanted to share something with you guys, there will be a point while you are playing Agent Awesome where you ask yourselves “How does the people at Chaos Industries design so mind blowing flabbergasting fantastic levels!?”


And today, we hope to answer that question. We´ll take you through the iteration process of designing a level for Agent Awesome.


Every level starts like almost everything in games, as a beautiful word document. In this document I put the requirements for each level, so for example level 2 starts like this:


Level 2: Human Optimization and De Personalization
Target of Assassination: The Empathic Manager
Available Weapons: Gun, Garrote and Throwing Knife
Enemies at level: Generic Thug, Heavy Thug (1) and Heavy Thug (2)
Victory Condition: Eliminate the Assassination target
Available Blueprints: Stun Grenade or Proximity Mine
Difficulty: Medium


Level Design Objectives


  • The player must learn that enemies have different behaviors. (Melee and Assault)

So I hand out that to our two amazing resident level designers, David and Miguel and then they hit me back with five different proposals for Level 2.


The requirements that I asked them for every level is that they should give me five completely different levels on paper design before proceeding to create the level on the engine and that every level must have three different critical paths.


The first path is created assuming that this is the first time your player is playing this level.


The second critical path is created assuming that the player already knows the level and he wants to go for a no kill play through of it.


The third critical path is created assuming the player is replaying the level with upgrades and weapons acquired at later levels.


So I get five different proposals that look like these:


Level 2 Paper Design

I give them some feedback, I analyze each area and each moment of every proposal and then I send the highlights of each proposal back to them and they send me one last proposal that if accepted will be built and tested inside the engine.


After testing and balancing that level inside the engine we get what will be the final level that will ship out with Agent Awesome.


Here´s a sneak peak at Level 2


Level 2 Final Design

Level 2 Final Design

And so this is how the magic happens, every level is hand crafted at Chaos Industries for your maximum enjoyment.


Have anything that you´d like to know about the development of the game? Let us know in the comments or hey why don´t you share how you create the levels for your game.



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