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Agent Awesome: Finalist at Ideatoon 2014

Hey guys! I have some really exciting news to share, some of you might now that ever since I conceived of the idea of Agent Awesome I was not only thinking about videogames, one of my dreams has been to have Agent Awesome become an animated series.


My perfect scenario goes something like this: an Agent Awesome videogame is released, a new season for the show is released bridging the two games and another Agent Awesome game is released, continued to infinity (Or until we run out of Awesome ideas).


So of course I was excited to hear about Ideatoon 2014, a contest managed by Pixelatl that was looking for the next big thing in animation and of course I submitted Agent Awesome to the contest and just yesterday I found out that from 163 contestants Agent Awesome was chosen as one of the 16 finalists.


And because I deeply love every single one of you I will be sharing some of the artwork we did for the Pitch through this post. Seriously guys, I LOVE ALL OF YOU <3 <3 <3

What could go wrong if AA has a few drinks?


So on September 27th I will be traveling with my team to the beautiful city of Cuernavaca where I will compete with the other finalists for the chance of winning the grand prize of $25,000 USD, money that will be used to produce a pilot for the show.


I am really excited about this new adventure, specially because the world of animation is completly uncharted territory for me and I´m sure that I will be learning a lot of new stuff along the way that hopefully I will be able to apply to my videogames.


This tottally didn´t happen


If we win and after the pilot is ready the fine folks at Pixelatl will take the show and offer it to different networks, so hopefully it´ll get picked up. (I´m totally aiming to a VOD provider like Netflix or Hulu because of the adult tone of the show)


I definetly want to give a shout out to the amazing team that helped me make this possible, Juan Carlos and Jose Luis Diaz are the most talented and proffesional animators I´ve ever had the pleasure to work with, they got the tone that we were aiming for since day 1 and of course I want to thank Diego Valenzuela, the screenwriter that helped us with the project, yeah I know I´m funny but I seriously have no idea about how to write a script, this guy made our work proffesional and I bet that gave us a lot of points in the contest, also, he is funny as fuck, a lot of the jokes on the script do come from him.


Don´t drink and drive


And that´s it folks ! I just wanted to share this amazing news, I am really excited and hopefully the best game in the universe will soon also be the best animated series in the universe.


Oh, and if you are saying "Yeah, yeah, great news but we don´t give a fuck about cartoons...we follow you because WE LIKE GAMES, WHERE IS MY AGENT AWESOME VIDEOGAME?"


Well folks, I do have some fantastic news on that side. The game will be ready for public testing on October 15th, we´ll be going to test it on some schools and with some friends and if the results come out fine we should be ready to release the BEST GAME IN THE UNIVERSE on November, if the playtest results indicate that the game needs more polishing we´ll probably release it on February 2015.


So hang tight, Agent Awesome is coming sooner rather than later and I seriously want to thank all of you guys for supporting and following me through everything, YOU ARE THE BEST. (Not really, Agent Awesome is the best, but you get it.)


Rest assured, if we win you guys will be the first ones to know.

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