Chaos Industries
Based in Mexico, Mexico City

Founding date:
September 28, 2013


Press / Business Contact:
[email protected]



Jesus del Monte No.56 Int. B6
Cuajimalpa, Distrito Federal
Mexico, C.P. 05260

+00 (55) 63 90 90 31


Chaos Industries is a Mexican Independent game studio made up by 23 year old Humberto Cervera and all his hopes and dreams for the future.


Chaos Rising

The quest for Chaos Industries started on 2010, the moment Humberto almost gave a heart attack to his mother with the words "I´m dropping out of college to pursue a career on Game Development". In the three years in between almost killing his mother and starting Chaos Industries Humberto, with the help of Amazon.com and the internet, taught himself Game Design and was the lead designer on various video-game projects here in Mexico. Humberto never took a full time job because as he was working on the various projects that actually earned him money he was also trying to find the right team of co-founders of what would one day become Chaos Industries, of course he failed miserably. After 3 years of frustration and failure trying to manage groups of friends into working for free on his world changing ideas Humberto has a game changing thought "Dude, no one is going to work for free". And so with that thought Humberto changes his focus, and goes on a quest to find an Angel Investor for Chaos Industries. After getting slammed in the face by doors more often than a Jehova Witness on Superbowl Sunday Humberto finally secures the investment in exchange for 50% of the yet non-existent Chaos Industries, after three months of bureaucratic bullshit Chaos Industries starts development on their first game, Agent Awesome.

Agent Awesome

With the firm focus that indie gaming needs to take itself a little bit less seriously the mission statement of Agent Awesome is: "To make people giggle at every given opportunity while also offering deep tactical game-play", Agent Awesome went into development on September 2013 with a planned release date of May 2014, of course this being Chaos Industries first game nothing went as planned. After a lot of trouble and a shitload of mistakes production on Agent Awesome went into a halt on March 2014, the game was rebuilt from scratch by Chundos Studios and soft launched on November 2014, the game is currently available on Chaos Industries web site and a Green Light campaign is on progress to get the game on Steam. Declared the best Tactical Assassination game of the universe by the developers themselves, As Agent A. you will have to use your tactical expertise to plan the perfect strategy and storm through the E.V.I.L. building, each of the 12 levels has been designed with both a combat and a stealth approach in mind and both styles bring the same rewards. It offers deep tactical game play that mixes elements of the Inverted Tower Defense and Stealth genres. In Agent Awesome you will play as the title character when after a night out with his pal, Micheal Anger he gets drunk dared into demonstrating he is the ultimate badass by storming and eliminating all the middle management of his former employees, E.V.I.L. (Engineering Vicious Ideas Labs), you will have to clear all 12 floors of the building while fighting or dodging hilarious enemies like Flying Sharks and Kombat Koalas, everything in the game has been tailored with the objective of making the player crack a laugh. Get ready for:12 levels of PURE AWESOMNESS.EXPLOSIONS, BULLETS, ACTION, MURDER AND KOALAS ! Deep TACTICAL GAMEPLAY. Kill everyone...or not! It´s your choice GAMERS LOVE CHOICES! Lots and lots of UPGRADABLE WEAPONS! Everything, literally EVERYTHING will make you laugh. WE ARE COOL LIKE THAT! Designed by Chaos Industries and developed by Chundos Studio, Agent Awesome will become your favorite PC/Mac/IOS/Android game the moment you play it, without a doubt Agent Awesome is a life affirming experience.



Agent Awesome Trailer #1 YouTube

TEDxTalk by Humberto: 10 things videogames thaught me YouTube

Interview at Geeksome (Spanish) YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nobel Peace Prize for making the world laugh so hard they forgot about war and sad stuff." - Stockholm, Sweden, 2035
  • "Most influential game in the history of the Universe." - Intergalactic Game Awards, 4 December, 2142
  • "My favorite game EVER" - You, the moment you play it, 2015
  • "Downloadable Game of the Year" - AIAS, February, 2015

Selected Articles

  • ""Chaos Industries is at the forefront on innovation, their debut game Agent Awesome, will change how we perceive games FOREVER.""
    - Humberto Cervera, Chaos Industries
  • ""Agent Awesome is like Duke Nukem meets Lemmings, only better.""
    - Gonzalo Sanchez, Motor de Juegos
  • ""Well, at least it´s not an edugame.""
    - Jacinto Quesnel, DevHr
  • ""It was ok, I guess. I really liked the Koala though.""
    - Random Guy at GDC, Random GDC Guy

Additional Links
History of the Videogame Industry in Mexico chaosindustries.com.mx.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Humberto Cervera
Design Director

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